15 Gross Beauty Habits That Every Girl is Guilty Of

15 Gross Beauty Habits That Every Girl is Guilty OfWe’ve all slacked off with our beauty cleaning routines at one point or another. I myself will admit that I’ve gone far too long without washing my makeup brushes, and have used expired makeup! These bad habits can end up damaging our skin and lead to nasty infections!  I’ve rounded up 15 gross beauty habits that every girl is guilty of. Let’s make an effort to stop doing these bad habits asap!

1. Not washing your makeup brushes

2. Trying on sample makeup without disinfecting it

3. Sleeping with your makeup on

4. Not sanitizing your makeup

5. Sharing makeup

6. Going too long without washing your hair and only using dry shampoo

7. Not washing your pillowcase

8. Popping zits and squeezing blackheads

9. Dipping your fingers into potted products

10. Not removing hair from your hairbrush

11. Using expired beauty products

12. Using the same razor for way too long

13. Using saliva to clean up makeup mishaps

14. Picking off nail polish

15. Biting your nails and cuticles

What other gross beauty habits are you guilty of

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