I’m Andrea and I’m very glad you’re here!

I’m a twenty-something year old living in sunny So Cal. I love DIY projects and am a major makeup junkie. I spend way too much time on Pinterest and binge watching tv shows/Korean dramas (yes I’m one of those girls). Along with this, I’m a big foodie and love hitting up the hottest places to eat in town. If you want to know more about me read my 25 Random Facts About Me post 🙂

What is The Beautydojo and what does that even mean? Dojo is the Japanese term for “place of the way” or, in other words, a school for training. I believe that beauty is all around us, we simply need to change our perspective in order to see it.

This blog is my little creative corner where I seek to share the beauty I see in the world. On this blog you’ll find fun diy projects, beauty tips, and everything in between.

If you want to get in touch with me, send me an email at beautydojo@gmail.com.
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