August Highlights

August HighlightsI can’t believe it’s already 12 days into September! This post is coming a little late, but I wanted to quickly share my August highlights with you! I was able to do some of my favorite things this month.  This includes eating loads of yummy food, catching up with old friends, and watching the Olympics! Let’s jump straight into the details!

1. A couple of my friends and I took two hip hop classes this month! I had never taken a hip hop class before, so it was ridiculously hard! I still had a lot of fun, despite struggling to keep up.

2. I also decided to get a monthly pass to Corepower Yoga this month. I guess you can say that I was pretty active in August. This is something that is totally out of the norm for me. Hopefully I can keep it up all through September too!

3. Ate a lot of great food! Cause when you work out more, you gotta eat more 😉

4. I’m usually not too much into sports, but I absolutely love watching the Olympics. I kept up with most of the swimming events and, of course, gymnastics!

5. A little unexpected, but I saw Jeremy Lin. He was a guest speaker at a church nearby, so my boyfriend and I went to see him. I really respect the fact that he’s so grounded in his faith, super down to earth, and a little bit of a dork. It can be easy to lose yourself with all the craziness that basketball players go through.

6. This month I got back into thrifting! I’ve been able to find some really nice pieces too! I found two pairs of high waisted vintage jeans that I’m currently DIYing into shorts. It’s been so hard to find shorts that aren’t “booty shorts”, so I much prefer to cut up my own pair.

7. I brought home some new cacti. Not that I need anymore, but I couldn’t help myself.

8. Worked on two amazing sponsored post opportunities (see here and here). I’m so grateful that more and more of these opportunities are coming my way. I’m really trying my best to choose opportunities that challenge me creatively, so I can continue to create great content for you guys!

9. Watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. I forgot how much I loved this movie. Isla Fisher is so naturally funny.

10. Attended Yellow Conference! This was probably the most exciting thing I did this month! If you haven’t heard of Yellow Conference, it’s an amazing conference for creative women that believe in community over competition. You can read more about their mission right here. I loved being able to connect with other creative minds. Everyone was super friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable in their field of work. If you are able to attend next year, I highly recommend it 🙂

What exciting things did you do in the month of August? 

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