DIY Story Photo Book

DIY Story Photo Book

My boyfriend, Chris, and I recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary! I can’t believe how fast these 4 years have gone by. I still remember the first time I met him in college. How I thought we would have nothing in common, and judged him far too quickly. Boy, was I wrong! The more I got to know Chris, the more I realized how similar we were. We were raised in families with similar values and shared many of the same goals. We even recently found out that we were born in the exact same hospital!

I wanted to make him something special that would remind him of all the fun memories we’ve shared. I quickly decided that a handmade photo album would make the perfect gift! After I compiled all of our photos, it reminded me of how we came to be a couple. I decided that pairing the pictures with our love story would make it all the more special. Making a DIY story photo book is the perfect way to celebrate all of life’s best moments.

DIY Story Photo Book

M A T E R I A L S :

-Photos (4 x 6)

Cardstock (5.5 x 7.5)

Label Maker 

Hole Puncher 

Suede Cord  

Glue/Double sided tape


DIY Story Photo Book

Step 1: Take your cardstock and punch out two holes on the left-hand side. I was able to find kraft cardstock that was precut to 5.5 x 7.5 inches, but you can also cut your own cardstock to fit your pictures.

DIY Story Photo Book

Step 2: Choose all of the photos that you want to place in your book and print them out. I went with 4 x 6 prints, but you can print them wallet sized if you want to create a smaller book. Using glue, or double-sided tape, secure your pictures to the cardstock. After this, it’s time to write out your love story! I used my handy-dandy label maker, but you can simply write it out by hand for a personal touch.

DIY Story Photo Book

Step 3: Arrange your pages in order and bind them together with some suede cord.

DIY Story Photo Book

Step 4: Snip off the excess cord and your DIY story photo book is complete!

DIY Story Photo Book DIY Story Photo Book

Hope you enjoyed this DIY project. What is something that you are looking forward to celebrating? 

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