Modern Sharpie Wooden Letters

It’s a rainy day today in So Cal, which means it’s the perfect day to stay in and do some crafting! I was thinking about how there are sooo many wonderful projects that you can create with Sharpies, so I decided to share one with you today! If you’ve been to Target’s amazing art section, then you’ve probably seen these wonderful modern wooden letters. There are so many ways that you can decorate these wooden letters to create the perfect accent for your home. I decided to keep it sweet and simple by adding a splash of  white paint and a modern pattern drawn on with a Sharpie. This project would be great to give as a gift or to personalize your shelf or desk!



Wooden letter(s)

Thin black Sharpie

White acrylic paint

Foam paint brush

-Mod podge (optional)

No need to sand these wooden letters down, it’s already nice, smooth, and ready to be painted! You can purchase these at Target!

STEP 1: Take your white acrylic paint and foam brush, and cover the entire wood letter in paint. I used Craft Smart acrylic paint in the color white. After you have finished painting, wait about 10-15 for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

STEP 2: Taking your Sharpie and a ruler begin drawing your pattern. You can feel free to draw any pattern you like, don’t be afraid to be creative. I like to start out by drawing straight lines, then filling them in with different patterns.

STEP 3: Continue drawing on your pattern until your wooden letter is completely covered. Sharpie usually dries fast, but be sure to wait a few seconds after you have drawn in a design so that your fingers don’t leave smudge marks. I chose to stop after this step, but you can add a layer of mod podge on top if you want a glossy finish. Now your wooden letter is ready to go!


This project was featured in All Free Diy Weddings.

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