DIY Christmas Hanging Terrariums

Why hello there! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, filling your belly with lots of food and being surrounded by friends and family! Well, it’s officially the first day of December, which means the Christmas count down has started. Today we’re going to make these fun DIY Christmas Hanging Terrariums. I bought these terrariums at the beginning of the year when it seemed like terrariums were popping up everywhere, but they’ve been sitting on my shelf until now. I’m so happy that I’m finally putting them to good use. You can hang these anywhere inside your house to add a festive flare or simply hang them on your Christmas tree.



Glue gun 

Fake snow

Miniature trees

Miniature deer

Hanging terrariums

I was able to snag these adorable miniature wooden deer at a local thrift shop. I encourage you to go to your local thrift shops if you are on a tight budget, but still want to add a little bit of Christmas decor to your home. You’ll never know what treasures you will find (see my thrift store shopping tips here).

You can use any kind of miniature trees that you would like. I purchased this set of Christmas trees and chose to use the round ones.

STEP 1: Gathered your snow, trees, deer, and terrariums. Now, place some snow inside your terrarium; you can add as much or  little as you like. Taking a glue gun secure your deer and tree to the bottom of the terrarium.

DIYChristmashangingterrarium_-12STEP 2: Take some twine and attach it to the top of the terrarium, creating a hanger. If you don’t plan on hanging your terrarium, then you can add a bow on top. After this your Christmas terrariums are complete!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it! Get ready because I have lots of fun Christmas DIY projects for the month of December! Also, if there are certain types of posts you would like me to create this month then let me know in the comments. See you in my next post!

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