DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer

DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer I was super excited when Rust-Oleum asked me to participate in their Blogger Challenge! One of the categories for this challenge was crafty storage solutions. Since organization is something that you can never have too much of, I decided to create this DIY hanging buckets organizer tutorial. This crafty little organizer is perfect for tidying up all of your art supplies in a stylish way. Let’s jump right into the tutorial!



Tin buckets

Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray paint

DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer Step 1: Remove the handles off of the tin buckets. A pair of pliers may come in handy if the handles are securely fastened. After the handles have been removed, begin to spray paint your buckets. I chose to use Rust-Oleum’s Chalkboard spray paint. I absolutely love the matte black finish of this paint! I decided to leave my buckets plain, but you can use chalk or chalk markers to label your buckets.

DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer Step 2: Take some twine and string it through your buckets, adding a knot at each of the handle holes. Don’t forget to leave a little slack at the top, so you can easily hang it up.

DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer Step 3: Hang up your DIY buckets organizer with a nail or pin. After it is secured to the wall, add whatever you want to organize into the buckets. I find that it’s works super well to store my most used crafting tools!

DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer DIY Hanging Buckets Organizer I hope you guys enjoyed this fun DIY project! To see more amazing projects from Rust-Oleum’s Blogger Challenge click HERE.

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