DIY Kintsugi Planters

DIY Kintsugi PlantersThere is so much beauty in taking something that is broken and giving it a new purpose. As a clumsy creative, I’ve broken my fair share of ceramic goods. My heart breaks a little each time I have to pick up the pieces and toss them in the trash.

Luckily, my friends at Mora Approved introduced me to their amazing Kintsugi DIY Repair Kit. This kit allows you to restore your broken ceramics with a gorgeous gold filler! I was able to fix up a couple of my broken ceramics and turned them into beautiful planters.

DIY Kintsugi PlantersWhat is Kintsugi? 
If you’ve never heard of Kintsugi, then let me introduce you! The ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi  means “golden joinery”. It’s all about taking the broken/ugly and making it into something beautiful and new. Broken ceramics and pottery can be fixed with a gold filler, leaving each piece with a unique design.

DIY Kintsugi PlantersThe Kintsugi kit is super simple to use and comes with:

– Manual
– Bison Epoxy Fastglue 24ml
– Bison Epoxy Putty
– Gold powder
– Paint brush
– Gloves

– Mixing Sticks

DIY Kintsugi PlantersStep 1: Using the instructions in the kit, mix the gold powder and glue together.

DIY Kintsugi PlantersStep 2: Add the glue along the cracks and  press the pieces together. Give it about 10 mins to dry. It should be dry, but still a little bit sticky.

DIY Kintsugi PlantersStep 3: Dust more gold powder over the glue to add even more shimmer and shine! Wait 48 hours of the adhesive to completely set!

DIY Kintsugi PlantersStep 4: Take your favorite succulent or cactus and pop it into your newly restored planter!

DIY Kintsugi PlantersI’m absolutely in love with the gold design! I wouldn’t mind if I broke a few more things around my house! The glue is also completely non-toxic.  That means that you can eat and drink off of the repaired pieces.

DIY Kintsugi Planters DIY Kintsugi PlantersDIY Kintsugi PlantersTo purchase your very own Kintsugi kit click HERE. For more ideas on how to use this kit be sure to follow Mora Approved on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

DIY Kintsugi PlantersThis post was sponsored by Mora Approved. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for the supportive brands that keep the fun going!

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