Rustic Whitewashed Wooden Crate

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Why hello there! Today’s post is going to look a little different then my recent diy posts. I’ve decided to add a modern twist to the way I present this diy, and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! Today we will be making this rustic whitewashed crate. If you guys go to Michael’s (or your local craft store) as much as I do, then you’ve probably stumbled upon numerous unpainted crates and have thought, “Hmmm what can I do with that?” Well not to worry, because I have just the solution for you! This rustic whitewashed crate makes the perfect accent for your home. Use it to store books or magazines, to display some decor, or even hang it up on to your wall and use it as a small shelf; the possibilities are endless. Are you as excited as I am? Let’s get started on this crate great diy (See what I did there).


Paint brush

Wooden crate

-Bowl of water

Wood stain (I used Minwax in Dark Walnut)

White acrylic paint (excuse the grey one, I didn’t end up using it)


crate tutorial1. Taking your paint brush, dip it into the wood stain and begin to stain your crate. I applied one light coat, but you can make it as dark as you would like. I recommend that you use gloves during this process, since removing stubborn stain from your hands is a hassle. I also strongly advise you to do this either outside or in a well ventilated area. Trust me you do not want to be breathing in that wood stain scent.

2. After you have stained your whole crate, let it dry for about 3o minutes. I know I hate waiting too, but go grab a snack or watch a tv show on Netflix!

3. Now here comes the fun part! Plop on some paint on a plate and get your bowl of water ready. Take your paint brush, dip it into the paint, then into the water. We are basically going to water down the paint before brushing it onto our crate. This is what will help us create that rustic whitewashed look.

4. Apply the “whitewash” onto the entire crate, adding as many or little layers as you like. I like letting some of the stained wood peek through for that good old vintage look.

untitled-26Your crate is all painted and ready to spread it’s rustic charm into your home! Just for some inspiration, here’s some detail shots of how I styled mine:

detail 2horizontalHope you guys enjoyed this Rustic Whitewashed Wooden Crate post as much as I enjoyed making it! Don’t be shy to leave me a comment.

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