DIY Paper Mache Gift Boxes

Every year I have trouble deciding how I want to wrap up all my gifts for Christmas. Do you guys have that same problem? If you do, then your in luck because today I’m giving you one idea. This year I’m really loving a neutral color palette with a dash of natural elements. I’ll be using lots of  kraft paper, unfinished wood, and small plant springs. Today I’ve created this simple gift wrapping idea using small paper mache boxes and personalized them with small alphabet tags. These DIY paper mache gift boxes are really quick and easy to make, leaving you with more time to shop and decorate your home! Since they aren’t super Christmassy, you can use this wrapping style all year round or even use them as cute little party favors!




Eucalyptus sprigs

Wooden alphabet tags

Paper mache boxes

Gather your eucalyptus, twine, small paper mache boxes and wooden alphabet tags. You can get larger paper mache boxes depending on the size of your gift, such as these.

STEP 1: Taking some scissors, cut your eucalyptus branches into smaller sprigs. You can use both live or dried eucalyptus. After cutting all of the eucalyptus, my hands were covered in sap! Here’s a trick that will keep you from scrubbing for hours: use an oil cleanser or olive oil. I used my Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil, which I usually use to remove my makeup and it worked like a charm!

I purchased these wooden alphabet tags at Michaels (see it here). They are super cute and versatile. You can use them for many different projects.

STEP 2: Fill your boxes with your gift, then take some twine, string the alphabet tag through, and wrap it around your box. I wrapping it around 3 times, and then secured it by tying a knot on the side.

STEP 3: Finish it off by placing your eucalyptus sprig under the twine, making sure that it is nicely secured.

Now your simple paper mache gift boxes are all done and ready to be given away!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful December! I’ll have more gift wrapping ideas up for you soon. Until then, stay connected with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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