Easy Spring Backdrop with Tablecloths

spring table cloth cover1
Hello my lovely readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Today I will be sharing a fun and easy spring backdrop with tablecloths I recently made for Easter. This backdrop is very versatile, budget friendly, and photographs beautifully (See pictures below!). Use it to add a pop of color for your next event, dessert table, or even a diy photobooth. So are you ready? Let’s get our diy on!


-Plastic tablecloths in the colors of your choice

-Twine (You can also use ribbon or string)

-Small adhesive hooks



1. Choose several coordinating colors for your backdrop (I went with bright pastels for spring). Take one of your tablecloths and fold it ‘hamburger style’ about four times. Do not fold it ‘hot dog style’ or your tablecloth will come out in short strips. Taking your trusty scissors, begin cutting out 2 inch strips.

2. Cut out all of your tablecloths and you should end up with a beautiful pile of tablecloth strips ready to become your backdrop.

3. Get some sturdy twine, ribbon, or any string you have laying around. I don’t like to cut the twine until I have attached all my tablecloth pieces; this way you can adjust the length as needed.

4. Simply start tying the tablecloth strips onto the twine. You can create different looks depending on the sequence of colors. Use some adhesive wall hooks and it’s time to put up your beautiful backdrop!


Tada! Here’s how mine turned out when I put it up. And here’s a few shots I was able to take with some of my gorgeous model friends:

final last

Special thanks to Anjel and Rachel for being my models!

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