Simple Paper Bag Gift Wrap

Well, well, well Christmas, you snuck up on me again this year! Even though I started my Christmas shopping earlier this year, I still find myself doing last minute Christmas shopping. In my defense, I was sick all last week….so you could say that I lost a whole week of productivity. In fact I have a bunch of blog posts that I wasn’t able to post last week, so these last few days leading up until Christmas will be jam packed with lots of fun posts! If you’re still doing last minute Christmas shopping like me, then today’s simple paper bag gift wrap post is perfect for you. These simple stamped bags are a quick way to wrap your gifts, but still make you look like a pro wrapper!



Stamp pad

Paper bags

Hole puncher 

-Alphabet stamps

Eucalyptus branches

STEP 1: Take your alphabet stamps and begin stamping on some Christmas phrases/quotes onto your paper bag. I purchased these little stamps at Michael’s from their $1.50 stamp section, but you can use any set you have. I like to use Stazon for my stamp pad because it dries super quick!

STEP 2: Place your gift inside of your freshly stamped paper bag, then seal it by folding the top of the bag. Taking a hole puncher, make two holes on the fold and secure it with some twine. You can add a small eucalyptus spring to add a touch of greenery. After this your gift bags are complete and ready to be placed under the Christmas tree!


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  • So simple yet so beautiful. Another great option is cotton drawstring bags. With your simple design, friends can keep and reuse them over and over and think of you every time. Thanks for sharing!

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