Diy Painted Terracotta Pot

Happy 2nd day of  September! Can you believe it’s already September and that the holidays are just around the corner? I can’t wait to start crafting away for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and CHRISTMAS!! I’m getting a little ahead of myself, so lets focus on this diy painted terracotta pot project I have for you today. I’ve been wanting to do a diy with terracotta pots for awhile now; in fact, I’ve had these pots sitting on my desk for awhile now, waiting to be transformed into something beautiful. And this is what I came up with! It’s always great to have fresh herbs to add onto your yummy meals, and these adorable pots would make the perfect home for your fresh herb garden. You can customize it any way you want with a label or your favorite quote. Let’s get started!



Glue gun


Foam brush

White paint

Terracotta pot

-Alphabet stamps

STEP 1: Take a foam brush and begin covering your pot in white paint. I used Craft Smart acrylic paint in white. I love Craft Smart paints because they are cheap and get the job done! Feel free to add as many layers of paint as you would like, but be sure to leave time for the paint to dry in between layers. I use about three layers because I wanted my pot to be a solid white color.

STEP 2: Taking a glue gun and some jute twine, begin wrapping the top portion of the pot. Continue to add glue as you wrap until everything has been neatly covered.

STEP 3: This is the part where you can get a bit more creative! I chose to use some letter stamps and stamped on a simple quote, but you can use any stamps you may have. You can create your own quote, use different stamp patterns, or even add a pop of color. I like to use Stazon stamp pads since they are multi-surface. If you are doing a quote, the letters can get easily smudged by your fingers as you are stamping along, so be sure to give the ink some time to dry before going on to the next line.

STEP 3.1: I decided to add a cute little touch by stamping “handmade” on the bottom of the pot. This step is optional, hence the 3.1, but I think it looks especially nice if you are giving this to someone as a gift!

terracottapot-26STEP 4: Take some jute twine in the color ivory and tie a bow on the top of your pot. This will add a nice, yet subtle, color contrast. Now the only thing left to do is to pop your herb plant into your pot, and you’re done! I chose to put rosemary inside my pot, since I love adding rosemary to my food!


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