DIY Spa Kit + Free Printable

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodAs a DIY blogger, I often find myself in some messy situations. I’m talking about getting paint all over myself, finding glitter in places I would never expect, and accidentally gluing my fingers together. We all encounter messy situations at one point or another, but that’s what makes life fun and exciting!

Thanks to method’s #FearNoMess campaign, I was inspired to create this DIY spa kit. After a long day of crafting and getting myself in all sorts of messes, there’s nothing I want more than to relax and get all cleaned up. This spa kit is super simple to put together. It is the perfect gift to help you unwind and relax before you take on your next messy situation.

Materials : 

-Various spa products

Hexagon wooden box 

Crinkle cut paper shreds

Printable spa cards

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodThis hexagon wooden box is actually supposed to be a shadow box that you can hang on your wall. However, when I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for the spa kit. The modern geometric shape of this box helps create a unique look. After finding the perfect box, I filled the bottom with loads of paper shreds to create a nice foundation for the products.

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodBefore starting your spa regimen, you want to make sure that your hands are nice and clean. This is why the first thing I’m putting in the spa kit is method‘s gel hand wash. This calm and cooling waterfall scent simply transports you to an oasis of relaxation. I also love the fact that this hand wash is animal friendly (no animal testing) and human friendly (biodegradable and non-toxic)!

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodHere are some of the other things I included in my spa kit: fun colored bath bombs, bath salts in cute test tubes, a white fluffy loofah, and some patterned towels.

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodI also created some brightly colored spa cards, with soothing words, that you can print out and add to your spa kit. Here’s the final look of the completed kit:

DIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodDIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodDIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethodDIY Spa kit and free printable. #fearnomess #styledbymethod

This post was sponsored by method. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for the supportive brands that keep the fun going! #FearNoMess #stylebymethod

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