Honey Test Tube Favors + Free Printable Bee Tags

Happy third day of November! I hope you all had a great Halloween filled with yummy sweets and spooky costumes! I am super excited to share this diy project with you today that I shot about a month ago! Due to all of the Halloween diys that I wanted to get out, this diy kept getting pushed back. There are so many awesome projects that you can do with test tubes; in fact, I shared one idea not too long ago for Halloween (If you haven’t seen it click here). I’ll be doing more projects with test tubes in the future, but for today I’ll leave you with these bee..autiful honey test tube favors. These favors would be perfect to give away at birthday parties, showers, and weddings! I’m also giving you a free printable at the end of this post, so keep reading!




Test tubes

Card stock 

Honey sticks

Hole puncher

-Free printable tags (download below) 

Mini jars (if you don’t want to use test tubes)

STEP 1: Print out your free printable (link at the end of post) onto card stock and cut all of your cute tags out. Once all of your tags are cut out, take a hole puncher and create a hole on the top of your tag. I like using a smaller 1/8 inch hole puncher like this one.

STEP 2: Taking some ivory twine, string your tag through and tie it around your test tube.

STEP 3: Fill your test tubes with honey sticks. WARNING: Be sure to double check the size of your honey sticks and test tubes before purchasing to ensure that the honey sticks will fit inside the test tube. I quickly learned that the honey sticks I had at home were too long to fit in the test tubes, so for the sake of this diy I cut each stick and resealed them with heat. The test tubes that I linked above are 7 inches and the honey sticks are 6.5 inches, so they should fit just fine.

STEP 4: After all of your tubes are filled with honey sticks, pop on the lid and pass them out to friends and family!

You can also directly fill the tubes with honey instead of using honey sticks. It just might get a little bit messy. Also if test tubes aren’t your thing, you can use mini favor jars like these and tie the tag around the jar!


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