Mud Cloth Ornaments

Okay, this is it guys! I’m jumping into lots of Christmas projects, so brace yourself for posts filled with snow, Christmas treats, and, of course a little bit of magic. For my first Christmas diy, I decided to hop on the mud cloth bandwagon. Some of my favorite bloggers have been sporting this fun print on their blogs and I’m loving it. Here are two of my favorites: Mud Cloth Pumpkins from Homey Oh My and Mud Cloth Napkins from Almost Makes Perfect. I decided to draw this print onto some simple black ornaments with to create some mud cloth ornaments. I just love how the white print pops against the black! These little ornaments would make the perfect addition to your Christmas tree or you can even attach them to gifts and use them as gift tags.



-Alphabet stamps

Black ornaments

White paint pen

STEP 1: Taking your white paint pen, begin drawing your pattern. I find it helpful to practice on a black piece of paper before drawing on the ornaments. This way you can test out different patterns. I purchased these ornaments from Michaels but couldn’t find them online, so here are some heart ones from Amazon that would also work.  In my previous post (see it here) I mentioned how I was looking for a better white paint pen since the one I was using was dry and streaky. Well, I’m excited to announce that I have found one that is far superior! These pens from Uni Posca are super pigmented and creates such smooth lines. You guys will be seeing these pens in future projects!

STEP 2: I chose to only cover only half of my ornaments since I wanted to stamp on some Christmassy words, but you can completely cover your ornaments in this pattern and call it a day. This paint pen dries fast, so you don’t need to wait very long for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

STEP 3: Take your favorite set of alphabet stamps and stamp on some Christmas phrases or words. I didn’t have a white stamp pad, so I simply took the paint pen and drew on top of each stamp. It worked pretty well; the only thing is that the pen does dry quite fast so you have to stamp it on quickly!

Now your mud cloth ornaments are complete and ready to spread some Christmas cheer!


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