Valentine’s Day Candy Envelopes

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! We’re already in our last week of January; where has the time gone?! I’ve been able to do lots of fun things this month including: meeting some blogger friends, going to creative events, doing some fun photo shoots, and, of course, creating diy projects! I will share all of these fun things with you very soon, but for now I’m going to show you how to make these cute Valentine’s Day candy envelopes. I’ve always loved the transparent, yet matte, look of vellum envelopes. Which is why when I randomly  found these vellum envelopes in the dollar section at Target, I knew that I had to create a Valentine’s Day project with them.  These little candy envelopes are super easy to create and would make the perfect favors to pass out to your friends and family.



Glue gun

Hole puncher

Mini wooden hearts

Vellum or glassine envelopes

STEP 1: Using a glue gun, place a small wooden heart onto the middle of your envelope and wait a few seconds for the glue to dry. If you aren’t able to find these particular envelopes at Target, then here are some similar ones, or you can use glassine bags like these.

STEP 2: Fill your envelopes with your favorite Valentine’s Day candies. I’m not a big fan of how conversation hearts candy taste, so I went with these tiny heart candies. These little cuties taste like sweet tarts and smarties mixed together! Yum!

STEP 3: The last step is to add some twine to your envelope.  Taking a hole puncher, cut out a single hole on the top of your bag. String the twine through the hole and secure it with a bow. After this your little Valentine’s Day candy envelopes are ready to spread love to your friends and family!


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