Valentine’s Day Take Out Boxes

It’s so crazy how fast this month is going by! I feel like Christmas and New Years just happened yesterday (maybe it’s because we still have our Christmas tree up….shhhhh). January will soon come to an end which means that another holiday is fast approaching. Yup, Valentines Day! Today I’ll be showing you guys how to make these simple Valentine’s Day take out boxes. They make the perfect little container to hold all of the yummy treats and goodies that you’ll be passing out to all of your loved ones.




Glue gun

Take out boxes

Wooden beads

Wooden hearts 

STEP 1: Grab your take out box and carefully remove the handle. Taking some pliers, bend the wire handle straight so that you can string your wooden beads through. I decided to only place the beads on the top of the handle, but you can place them as you like.

STEP 2: Once you have placed all of the beads on the handle, take your pliers and bend the wire handle back to its original shape. Make sure that the beads are securely placed on the wire.

STEP 3: Carefully place the handle back onto the take out box. Be careful not to scratch the sides of the box with the wire handle.

STEP 4: Take your small wooden hearts, beads, and twine to add some pretty embellishments to your boxes. For some of  the boxes I simply glued on a small wooden heart with a glue gun, for the rest of the boxes I strung together some beads and tied it around the box. After this, fill your box with some yummy treats and your boxes are ready to spread some Valentine’s cheer!

Hope you guys enjoyed making these cute takeout boxes with me! I’m still trying to decide what kind of treats I want to fill them with. Let me know what kind of treats you guys will be making for Valentine’s Day, I’d love to get some ideas from you!

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