DIY Ghost Peep Pops + Free Printable Boo Banner

Why hello cute little ghost peep pops! Maybe it’s their soft marshmallowy goodness or the fact that they bring back childhood memories, whatever it maybe, I love peeps! Today I have a super simple diy for you guys. If you guys have seen some of the diy projects I did when I first started this blog, then you probably have seen my Easter bunny peep pops tutorial (see here). If you have, then great because we’re going to use the same method, only with ghosts. I’ve also included a FREE printable for you guys!! You can download your very own Boo Banner at the end of this post 🙂


-Small knife

Paper straws

Ghost peeps

Twine (optional)

Small cellophane bags 

ghostpeeppopsghost peep pop
STEP 1: Gather your ghost peeps and fun paper straws! I took my knife and cut the ghost peeps apart since they come stuck together. After your ghosts are all nicely separated, take your knife and poke a hole on the bottom of your ghost. This will make it easier to insert the straw. Once you have inserted the straw, your ghost will magically become a yummy marshmallow pop!

ghostpeeppops-10ghost peep pop banner
STEP 2: If you are simply displaying your ghost pops at a party, then you can stop at step one. However, if you want to take these treats togo or hand them out to trick or treaters, then cover the pops with small cellophane bags and finish it off with some twine!

Don’t forget to download your very own candy corn Boo Banner! Simply print it out on card stock and string some twine or ribbon through to add a cute accent to your Halloween table.

ghostpeeppops-20BOO BANNER BUTTON

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